Discover the Beijing Hot Pot experience through our gallery. Here you'll find captivating images of our signature Chinese hot pot dishes, fresh ingredients, and the warm, welcoming ambiance of our locations. As you journey through these images, envision the inviting scenes of shared meals, savor the visually appealing cuisine, and anticipate the pleasure of dining at Beijing Hot Pot.


About Us


Jing Men Hot Pot is dedicated to bringing the timeless tradition of Chinese hot pot dining to the forefront. Our dishes are centered around the interactive, communal experience of hot pot, featuring an array of fresh ingredients that showcase the best of each region's flavors in China.

We place a premium on delivering consistently high-quality food, top-notch ingredients, and superior customer service.With a pragmatic attitude, diligent spirit, and innovative mindset, Jing Men Hot Pot plans to expand to 40 locations across the East Coast, West Coast, and Florida in the next three years. Our aim is to let every customer experience the unique and refined art of Chinese hot pot dining at our establishments.


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At Jing Men Hot Pot, our mission is to provide a delightful and satisfying hot pot dining experience that celebrates the best of Chinese fusion flavors. We adhere to ethical sourcing practices and offer a broad spectrum of fresh ingredients, a rotating menu that reflects seasonal trends, and an inventive array of beverages. We always prioritize high-quality food, superior customer service, and a hospitable environment for communal dining.


We're proud to be recognized as one of the only Chinese Fusion hot pot restaurants on the 2022 Taste of China in US. Our positive media coverage and customer reviews, including mentions in significant outlets like Eater, Eater NY, and the New York Times, are testaments to our commitment to excellence.

Our values hinge on a commitment to high-quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. At Jing Men Hot Pot, we aim to be a frontrunner in the hot pot dining scene, dedicated to offering our customers the unique experience of refined and enjoyable hot pot gatherings.

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